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Dirt motos | Athens | Rentals

Enjoy your holidays in Athens with our prototype vehicles to discover the freedom and the unique feeling that driving gives.
Ask us and we cover your every need for a beautiful and enjoyable ride to the unique beaches hidden in the beautiful Athens !!

Dirt Motos Αthens is based in 77B kallirois ave., near the metro station Syggrou/Fix. Our office is the ideal choice for vehicle rentals of all types, because of competitive prices,new and well maintained vehicles and excellent customer service.

We have a large fleet of rental Scooter, Vespa, ATV, Buggy, Big-size Motorcycles, which we offer to you at special prices. Our colleagues are always willing to serve you with professionalism, respect and responsibillity.

All our vehicles are well maintained and passed montly checks from.

Thank you!

Manos Kavouklis | Dirt motos | Athens
Scooter - ATV - Buggy Rentals & Athens Safari Organization

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Safari in Athens with a Buggy!

Discover Athens

Enjoy your visit in Athens with our protype vehicles to discover the freedom and the unique feeling that provides the driving of a Buggy at the mountains or the sand beaches just 30' from the center of Athens!

We have 3 programs of Safari !!!
From only: 80€

Prototype Vehicles for Rent

Rent a Moto per Day
 Scooter 25€
 Venpa 35€
 Big-size          Motorcycles 40€


Rent an ATV per Day
 ATV 200cc 50€
 ATV 500cc 60€



Rent a Buggy per Day
 Buggy 400cc 80€
 Buggy 800cc 120€



Main Description