Mountain Off Road Tour - 3 Hours - 28km

Our first stop is to Kaisariani monastery

The monastery was probably established in Byzantine times in ca. 1100, which is the date of construction of the surviving church (the monastery's katholikon). Nevertheless, the site has a far longer history as a cult center: in Antiquity, it was probably a site dedicated to Aphrodite, before being taken over by Christians in the 5th/6th centuries. Remains of a large early Christian basilica lie to the west, over which a smaller church was built in the 10th/11th centuries.

Our second stop is to Koutouki cave

Koutouki cave is located on the eastern slope of Hymettus, in Peania, at an altitude of 510 m. above sea level. It was discovered in 1928 by residents of the area and was explored and mapped in 1954 by the Greek Speleological Society. The natural beauty of the cave and the fact it is in small distance from Athens contributed to its tourist development in the '60s. For this purpose an artificial entrance in the form of a tunnel was constructed on the west side of the cave and now the tourist route has a length of 350 m.The cave consists of a single compartment, which is divided into smaller parts by stalagmitic curtains. The whole area is decorated with stalactites, stalagmites and columns with varying shades and all this creates a magical atmosphere.

Mountain Off Road Tour - 3 Hours

ATV 120€/20€petrol
Buggy 140€/20€petrol

Tour Details

Kaisariani Monastery 10 Minutes (Quick Stop)
Koutouki Cave (Soft Drink) 10 Minutes
2/3 Road (ON ROAD SESSION STOP) 10 Minutes


Soft drinks
Simple Insurance
Road Assistance
Information for the places

Does Not Include:

Full Insurance Extra 20€
Entrance To Sight Seeing Optional
Gas Extra 10€